Detection   None INSTANCE Rogue CLASS SKILL
Reveals nearby enemies that are in stealth state.
BackstabINoneINSTANCEEach level DEX + 8
DrillIIDEX 68+INSTANCEEach level DEX + 8
Rip SeparationIIIDEX 116+INSTANCEEach level DEX + 8
Backbone PiercingIVDEX 164+INSTANCEEach level DEX + 8
Backstab is a detaunting dagger attack deemed particularly deadly when done in Stealth.
StealthINoneINSTANCEEach level DEX + 8
InfiltrationIIDEX 68+INSTANCEEach level DEX + 8
CloakingIIIDEX 116+INSTANCEEach level DEX + 8
BreezingIVDEX 164+INSTANCEEach level DEX + 8
Improves how quickly and how long one can move about undetected by enemies.If Stealth is broken, some time must pass before the body is ready to hide in the shadows again.
Dagger MasteryINonePASSIVEEach level DEX + 8
Dagger MasteryIIDEX 68+PASSIVEEach level DEX + 8
Dagger MasteryIIIDEX 116+PASSIVEEach level DEX + 8
Dagger MasteryIVDEX 164+PASSIVEEach level DEX + 8
Improves the quick reflexes and arm dexterity needed to properly handle a dagger.
Dual Wield MasteryINonePASSIVEEach level STR + 8
Dual Wield MasteryIISTR 68+PASSIVEEach level STR + 8
Dual Wield MasteryIIISTR 116+PASSIVEEach level STR + 8
Dual Wield MasteryIVSTR 164+PASSIVEEach level STR + 8
Trains the ability of both hands to use weapons effectively.

Detection   None INSTANCE Rogue CLASS SKILL
Reveals nearby enemies that are in stealth state.
CamouflageINoneINSTANCEEach level DEX + 8
DisguiseIIDEX 68+INSTANCEEach level DEX + 8
No BreathIIIDEX 116+INSTANCEEach level DEX + 8
Shadow FormIVDEX 164+INSTANCEEach level DEX + 8
Provides a temporary disguise which blends into the surroundings.Movement, duration, and preparation time Improves with skill level.
Aimed ShotINoneCASTEach level DEX + 8
Soundless ShotIIDEX 68+CASTEach level DEX + 8
Stealth ShotIIIDEX 116+CASTEach level DEX + 8
SnipingIVDEX 164+CASTEach level DEX + 8
Focuses the mind and steadies the hand when using a long-range weapon, with increased damage when used in Stealth.
Dual ShotINoneINSTANCEEach level DEX + 8
Triple ShotIIDEX 68+INSTANCEEach level DEX + 8
Mirage ArrowIIIDEX 116+INSTANCEEach level DEX + 8
Arrow ShowerIVDEX 164+INSTANCEEach level DEX + 8
Fires multiple projectiles simultaneously for a powerful long-range attack.
AccuracyINonePASSIVEEach level DEX + 8
AccuracyIIDEX 68+PASSIVEEach level DEX + 8
AccuracyIIIDEX 116+PASSIVEEach level DEX + 8
AccuracyIVDEX 164+PASSIVEEach level DEX + 8
Improves the hand-eye coordination necessary to use long-range weapons, increasing damage and hit rate.