ҧҵ 㹡ŨѺ exp ٧ ͤдǡ㹡ʧ


[Shift] Ҥԡ·Ф÷ͧ͡ 'Invite to Party'.

ҧҵǨ繪ʹ HP/MP ͧҪԡҵء

* ˵: Solo-playing will be more difficult as your level increases. Try Party-playing with the other players.
"Y" ˹ҵҧ㹻ҵ

Assigns the party leader's authority to the selected member. Only available for the party leader.

Expels the selected member from the party. Only available for the party leader.

Changes the rule of auto-looting or turns off the function.

Withdraws from the party.

Դ-Դ ʶҹТͧҵ
What is Auto-looting?
In party situations, auto-looting will evenly distribute items and gold from the monsters and prevent a dispute among all the party members based on the looting parameters.